Gravity Ball is a 2D Casual Puzzle where you control predetermined gravity actions of a crystal ball, navigating around asteroid fields to make your way out. This alpha version presents our first galaxy with 5 different worlds, with each world increasing in difficulty as you progress. We urge all levels of gamers to make it as far as you can, as we have developed Gravity Ball to challenge you and teach you the knowledge and skills to continue. We estimate the game length to be between 1-3 hours. We are eager to hear feedback on what levels you like and don't, as well as where you struggled, and of course, how much fun you had!

In Gravity Ball you are alone, just a tiny crystal ball in a frigid, gravity-bending asteroid field. You came this way long ago, but you've forgotten the way. You dimly remember the actions necessary to pass each trial, but not how to use them. Perhaps things have changed in the many millennia since last you came this way. As your crystal material gathers interstellar radiation, you can use it to move yourself, or even, to warp gravity itself. Now, you must traverse the asteroid field using those half-forgotten rituals of the past.

If Greenlight, we want to expand on our idea and build more galaxies for you to enjoy. We will put in a level editor for you to develop your own level styles, and put in a Gravity Online Level Portal. You will be able to vote and play others' maps as well. We are always urging creative minds because you may come up with something we may never have thought of! We will keep pushing the boundaries and will take all the advice we can get. . . good and bad. Thank you for giving us a chance! Hope you enjoy Gravity Ball!!!

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